I'm NEw Here

Welcome! Shepherd of the Coast is a place that does a lot of things, but we are about one person- Jesus! 

We Believe Jesus is : 

  • Living Savior- Jesus rescued us from a debt that could not be paid- the crushing debt of sin that alienated us from God. Through Jesus' death on Good Friday, He restored our relationship with God and claimed us as His people. 
  • Risen Lord - Jesus is not just some nice, good guy or some moral teacher- He is the creator of heaven and earth and will come again to judge us all, the living and the dead. Jesus is also fully human, having taken on our human flesh and rising again from the dead in his body and not just some spiritual sense. 
  • God- With the Father and the Holy Spirit, Jesus is fully God. This understanding of God is often referred to as the Trinity
  • The Object of our Faith- Faith has all sorts of meanings in our world. We don't simply believe for believing's sake- We put our Faith in Jesus and all that He said and did. 

We also Believe....

That Jesus invites us to be a part of His family, the Church. When we say Church, we mean all Christians who are on this earth and who have gone before us. Our church (small c) is a part of the Church (Big C), where members gather together each and every week to worship Jesus, receive His gifts in Word and Sacrament, spend time in God's word and work together to make God's love known in our community and world.

To become a member of the Church and God's family here on earth, Jesus has instituted the sacrament of Holy Baptism. Baptism is where God acts through the application of water and the word to claim us as His own. It seems ordinary, and yet we believe that God is acting through it because He has promised to do so. 

Baptism is for all ages, whether you have an infant or you yourself are much older. To connect with our pastor and talk about getting yourself or your children baptized, please email our pastor at pastor@shepherdofthecoast.org